Saeed Shayan - Hassan Nazer - Here Iran

Saeed Shayan - Hassan Nazer -  Here  Iran

Here Iran 
Director : Hassan Nazer
Writer : Peyman Abbasi
Music : Saeed Shayan
Producer : Hassan Nzaer , Chris Robb , Mohsen AliAkbari

 :  Stars

 Amir Aghaee , Reza Ahadi , Peyman Azin , Niousha Zeighami , Fariba Talebi , Mehdi Solooki , Elham Hamidi 

.....Homayoun Ershadi , Mohammad Omrani, Raya Rahimi

: Story

When Farhad, a DVD street seller learns that his daughter has a brain tumor and urgently requires a complex operation, he goes on a search in hope of raising enough money to pay for the medical treatment from any source he can. He makes a Faustian bargain that soon sees him lying to everyone around him in order to conceal the truth. What will happen when the truth catches up with him?


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